The Alpha Course

We have a new course starting on 24 April at our location in Totton.
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The Alpha course is one of the best ways you can explore the basics of the Christian faith. If you have questions about life, faith and meaning, this is the course for you.
Alpha is set in an informal environment with other people who are wanting to explore faith. A normal session will start with some drinks and meeting others around tables. You will then watch a mini film around 20-30 mins long and then have a chance to discuss what you thought afterwards. You can come on your own or bring some friends and do it together.
The course runs over a few weeks but you can come to as many as you’d like. There is no cost for any of it, it is completely free. Here are some of the topics covered:

-Who is Jesus? 
-How can we have faith? 
-Why and how do I pray? 
-How does God guide us?

You can hear how Ben & Sophia's story of how they enjoyed the Alpha Course below.