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Join us live on Sundays at 09:15 through our livestream on youtube.
Or if you can't join at that time, you can still catch up later on in the week.
Here are the links for some of the different ways that you can get in touch, ask your questions, or receive prayer. You may even be new to church and want a little more information before coming along for your first Sunday.

Preaching series

We have different preaching series throughout the year that help equip us in our faith to follow Jesus. These are on a variety of different topics and you can enjoy them below.

The Bible - Book by book

We are working our way through the 66 different books of the Bible each week.

Horrible Histories

We will spend the summer looking at some horrible histories and the people God used to bring victory to his people. 

The Gospel

The Gospel series takes us through the book of Romans and shows us how the good news of Jesus shapes us and sends us to the nations.

The power of the cross

As we draw close to Easter we take a look at the cross from different perspectives and references in the Bible and see how the cross still has great power in our lives. 

wisdom for life

The book of James gives us wisdom of how to live day by day in a way that honours God despite the various trials and challenges that we might face.


We want to be a people that reflect God's nature in being worry free, sacrificial and generous. The Bible references money over 800 times and gives us clear guidelines as to how we can thrive financially not only in a crisis but in everyday life. 

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