Hello, We are Tom & Ali Williams, the leaders at our location in Totton. We are loving welcoming lots of new people who are from the west of Southampton to our Sunday morning. Have a look through at some of the info and if you have any questions please do get in touch through the contact form below. We hope to see you soon.

Tom & Ali Williams

Come along!

We meet together on a Sunday morning at 10:30. If you have any questions about coming along see our FAQ's below or please get in touch.
King's Community Church Totton
Hounsdown School
Jacob's Gutter Lane
SO40 9FT

Join us for lunch!

On the last Sunday of the month* we hold a bring and share lunch at the end of our meeting. Bring a little, bring a lot, or just stay and enjoy some company and food. It is a great way to get to know one another.

*If the last Sunday falls on Easter or Christmas then we will be missing it for the month :(


We know that turning up to a new place can sometimes be a little scary. If these FAQ's don't answer your questions then get in touch above. You can ask any questions you might have, and even see if one of our welcome team can meet you at the door. We also have a welcome area for first time guests where you can grab a hot drink and some cake.

What happens during the meeting?

We normally start with about 25 minutes of singing songs of praise and thanks to God. The words are on the screen so don’t worry if you don’t know them. You can stand up or sit down, it’s up to you. There might be a couple of announcements from the meeting leaders about upcoming events or courses and then you will hear a 25 minute preach. The whole meeting will last for 1 hour 15 mins. We have a welcome area where there is coffee and cake and a chance to talk to one of our team.

Do I have to believe in God or take part in anything?

No, not at all. Our Sunday mornings are a place where anyone can come along and find out about Christianity.

What can I wear?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people choose to be casual and others may dress a little more smart casual.

What is available for my child/teenager?

We have different groups for ages running from 0-18 years old. To find out more information about our kids work click here.
To find out about our youth work click here.

I have an accessibility need, can someone help me?

We have a specialist team to support both adults and children in coming along to church and accessing all that we have available. To see more info about our accessibility support click here.

What kind of Church is it?

We are a non-denominational Church led by a team of Elders. We are part of a network of Churches called Catalyst which helps us keep accountable and stay caught up in global mission. Catalyst was formed out of Newfrontiers in 2011.

Does it cost any money?

There is no cost to come to church on a Sunday morning; it is always free. We may have an offering as part of the meeting but this is always optional as to whether you would like to donate any money. Some of our midweek groups may have a small charge but they normally require you to book in first.