Christians Against Poverty is an International charity that seeks to end the cycle of debt and poverty.

At some point in our lives we all go through times of financial difficulty, and for some it may feel like you are stuck. Christians Against Poverty partners with you to help bring some change to your financial situation, to see an end to debt, and to see you thriving with the finances you have. 

If you feel you would like some support from Christians Against Poverty, here is a simple breakdown of what that would look like:

  1. If you would like help, you can ring 0800 3280 006 and they will book you an appointment with one of the three debt centres that are in Southampton. They can also give advice on immediate crises. 
  2. Someone from the local debt centre will get in contact with you and arrange a visit.
  3. A debt coach will visit you 3 times and talk you through how they can help, the process, and what paperwork might be needed.
  4. You will be introduced to a befriender who can help you gather paperwork, but also support you as a friend.
  5. After the information has been gathered, it will be sent to the team at the head office who will produce a support plan for you to become debt free.

If you would like support, then please ring 0800 3280 006 as the Debt Centre team cannot contact you until you have phoned the central line for Christians Against Poverty.